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Please answer the questions in your journal entry below. Write freely and openly. Be completely open and candid. That will help us as we refine the procedure. If anything has happened between sessions, let us know about it also. The space below the questions is small, but will expand when you write more. Write as much as you want to write. Thanks.

Copies of the journal entries you write during this research will come to you so you can enter them into your personal journal.

If you remember more detail the next day, send it to us at or get back on this form and write more.

You may call Craig Hogan at his Business Writing Center number, 800 827-3770 (309 452-2831 outside of the US), if you have any questions.

As you know from the research form you filled out, The Center for Spiritual Understanding uses journal excerpts in its research and to provide examples, so your journal exercept may appear in our media, but all identifying information will be changed.

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