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Stages in the Training

Stage 1: Conviction

Having the conviction that your loved one is alive and well, living in the next plane of life, may help you connect more easily. If you have much doubt, you may quickly give up on trying to communicate or doubt the source of real messages you receive.

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Stage 2: Understanding Afterlife Connections

You must understand the nature of afterlife connections, especially why some people connect easily and others can't connect at all. You also must know without reservation that your loved one is available to communicate; we just have to figure out how we can do it.

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Stage 3: Understanding Your Mind

Most people don't understand the nature of experience, memory, imagination, dreams, and afterlife communication. At this stage, you will learn about how these mental phenomena relate to each other.

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Stage 4: A Trial Experience with Connecting with the Afterlife

At this stage, I will guide you through an experience that may result in a connection with your loved one. It is a trial experience before the training, so you very possibly will not have the connection this early.

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Stage 5: Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection - Beginning by Listening to A Guided Relaxation

In the final three stages, you will practice taking yourself into a relaxed state, with and without the use of meditation music, to have your own afterlife connection at any time. In this first method, you will listen to a recording guiding you into relaxation to make the connection. The recording includes questions you will ask.

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Stage 6: Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection - Listening to Meditation Music

In this second method, you will listen to meditation music and guide yourself into relaxation to make the connection.

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Stage 7: Self-guiding Your Afterlife Connection - Guiding Yourself without Meditation Music

In this method, you will guide yourself into relaxation to make the connection without listening to meditation music.

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Stage 8: Becoming Aware of the Sense of Presence

This stage will help you learn to become sensitive to the presence of a person or pet in spirit.

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Links, User Name, and Password

The Self-guided Afterlife Connection procedure is in stages. You must go through the stages in order because the training in each stage is important to teaching you how to have a successful connection. You must learn how to allow messages to unfold before you attempt to make a connection with a loved one.

The links to the stages are in the left column. Start with Stage 1. Click on "Link to Stage 1" that is in blue in the left column under the Stage 1 description.

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